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Did you know that 99% of all sports bettors lose? Did you also know that 99% of all sports handicapping services are long term losers as well?  EZ doesn't make outrageous claims or guarantee "locks" that will not lose because they don't exist. What EZ does is study, research and collect information for plays that will give you the best chance of winning. EZWINNERS.com is not here to get you rich overnight, but EZ will turn you a profit over the course of a sports season a high percentage of the time. EZ has his cold spells just like everyone else, but over the long haul EZ does make money! Sports wagering is a marathon and not a sprint. By following a good money management system and wagering on EZ's researched selections, you will become a winner on a consistent basis! Consistency over the long haul is what every sports bettor should be interested in and that is what EZ is here to provide along with honesty and integrity. Since 1997 a $100 player has made a profit of $157,302! If you are not on my text list you should be. This will ensure you receive any late added plays that you might miss as I don't always have a chance to get the website updated for these late added plays or halftime plays. Email me at ezwinners@mail.com with your cell phone number or you can also follow me on twitter by clicking on the link below.






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